Jon Young

My personal mission is to support the benefits of connection to nature, to ourselves and to one another for all people. Since 1979, I have researched a single theme: why do some social groupings of people consistently facilitate deep nature connection, while others do not? The search for answers over the last decades have helped me to collect and evolve truly consistent and dependable methodologies that predictably influence the positive outcomes associated with connection to nature, people and self.


My current project is combining over 40 years of experience, research and development to an enterprise combining ancient and modern technologies. Through this endeavor, we will bring the attributes of connection to many, many people world wide while supporting practitioners within this network. We are collaborating with San Bushman experts who still live their ancestral ways to provide their wisdom to the platform. This will provide this special community with a meaningful role of service to the world and the support they need to live and thrive.


Attributes exhibited by people who have experienced the benefits of connection are:


 1) Joy and happiness,

 2) Vitality and an abundance of energy,

 3) Capacity to listen to others unconditionally--supporting mentoring,

 4) Empathy for people and other living beings,

 5) A deep ethic, commitment and service to conservation, sustainability

     and regenerative design,

 6) Increased sense of gratitude and appreciation for life itself,

 7) Greater capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness, and

 8) Access to greater creativity and a quiet mind. 

Books & Media

Jon Young, Connection First & 8 Shields